James throws a plastic bottle in the gutter and would not believe that that it will go all the way to the ocean. His friend Isaac warns James about the repercussions of his littering. There commences the adventures of James and Isaac as they study about the unsafe consequences of storm drain pollution, and in turn, unfold the term to their pals and the rest of their college. Encouraging the young children together this journey are a involved Crane from the coastline line, a amazingly insightful Surfer Dude and James’ Mother.

Joel Harper’s beloved guide is now an animated film featuring the abilities of acclaimed actors, award winning musicians, and dedicated activists like Amy Smart, Ben Harper, Burning Spear, Jack Johnson, Joel Harper, Marcia Cross, and Xavier Rudd.

The film artfully tackles non-level resource pollution in an entertaining and immersive way that children and grown ups will find partaking!

“I am so honored to be a portion of this lovely piece. You definitely have finished an incredible work. My girls and I beloved it. Particularly the surfer dude! Hysterical!! Thank you for applying your time and talent to add in these a significant way.”

— Marcia Cross (American actress identified for her do the job in television dramas these as Melrose Position and a lot more just lately Desperate Housewives)

“All the Way to the Ocean is an possibility to study about how our steps website link straight again to nature. Collectively and independently, we have a good accountability to secure the ocean and the amazing creatures that dwell there. If we all do just a little, together we can give a ton.”

— Major Wave Surfer, Laird Hamilton

“All the Way to the Ocean is an academic and inspiring tale that illustrates that everyone, no make a difference how tiny, can make a difference in supporting the ocean and the animals that dwell there. The Aquarium of the Pacific believes in empowering people of all ages simply because together we can assure a greater potential for our ocean earth.”

— Aquarium of the Pacific, Lengthy Beach front, CA

A part of the proceeds from your buy of ATWTTO will go to aid our partnership with Sustainable Surf , a California-primarily based 501(c)(three) non-income charity business whose mission is to rework surf culture (and everyone who enjoys likely into the sea) into a powerful force for safeguarding the ocean playground. Sustainable Surf takes an integrated “systems thinking” approach with their innovative programs and strategies, which interact both persons and organizations together in partnership to resolve the most urgent environmental concerns experiencing our oceans. Exclusively, they target on cutting down maritime plastic pollution, local climate change similar impacts (ocean acidification, sea degree rise and coastal erosion), and water quality concerns that threaten our shared “surfing habitat.”

Discover a lot more about how you can get associated in getting portion of the alternative: www.sustainablesurf.org

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